The Top 6 Key Objectives for a Technology Ecosystem

Technologist, engineers and engineering leaders need a community that provides networking, business connections, training and events to grow their core competencies. A High Tech community needs a Technology Ecosystem to connect and grow core resources. The top objectives for a Technology Ecosystem to be successful are as follows:

  1. Promote the high tech community locally, nationally and globally.
  2. Help tech businesses and resource network and connect.
  3. Educate the high tech community through training and organized events.
  4. Be the hub for high tech resource placement.
  5. Government relations...educate the individual, the business and the government about issues and regulations.
  6. Create the channels for the Industry and Entrepreneurial ecosystems to connect.

Tech Councils and Innovation Councils are non-profit entities who build advisory boards made up of key local leaders within the high tech community. These councils are a critical component to the High Tech Ecosystem and the success of the communities economy. Large industry leading companies locate their operations within high tech communities that are prospering. Therefore, the role of these councils are to provide the outreach and communication channels to help brand and connect the community. Highly skilled technology resources and leaders need a vibrant technology ecosystem to network, learn about the opportunities within the community, and grow through education and events. 

The number one focus of the Technology Ecosystem is to promote the community in order to attract top talent. It is important that it becomes the hub for placement of high tech resources, where it connects University grads, engineering and leadership talents locally/nationally/globally to the businesses within the community through job awareness. Organized training events and networking events allows a way for the community's top talent to learn about the high tech community and a way for attracting other top talents form other communities. 

As we continue to explore the innovation ecosystems within this blog, it is important to know that a TrepExec recognizes that branding and connecting of resources help to generate creative thinking within the community. What areas of a high tech Technology Ecosystem are important to you?

Keith R. Szewczyk

Global High Tech Executive, GM, Entrepreneurial Leader – Strategic Vision, Process Improvement, P&L, PLM, Sales Growth