11 Major Benefits of an Entrepreneur Ecosystem

Perhaps one of the single most important component of a High Tech community is a healthy growing entrepreneur ecosystem. As companies trend towards the entrepreneurial focus of executing, this trend indicates a need for a community to grow Trepy's to feed the ecosystem. Here are 11 major benefits of a growing entrepreneur ecosystem:

  1. Provides a trustworthy social environment for Trepy's to hang out and brainstorm ideas.
  2. A strong entrepreneurial hub within your community provides strong local and global networks for Trepy's to leverage and learn from.
  3. Educates and mentors the community on how to launch startups and grow small business.
  4. Incubators and accelerators allow for technologies to grow and mature.
  5. Attracts top talents in the High Tech field to the community.
  6. Boosts the local economy through monetization of successful startup launches and exits.
  7. Generates a density of thought leaders and thinkers who have plenty of ideas to vet, which creates a knowledge factory for the community.
  8. Creates a network between academia and research to local businesses.
  9. Delivers the communication channels for the local entrepreneurial community to the businesses and global communities. 
  10. Highlights entrepreneurial role-models and generates a transparent risk taking culture, which fosters technology innovation.
  11. Provides local businesses with a way to innovate without having to change their internal culture of low risk short-term execution. 

The entrepreneur ecosystem is the foundation of the high tech innovation infrastructure within your community. It is essential that all high tech communities foster and grow this ecosystem to generate these major benefits.

As this list hits the major benefits, we would like to hear from you other benefits that we may have missed.

Keith R. Szewczyk

Global High Tech Executive, GM, Entrepreneurial Leader – Strategic Vision, Process Improvement, P&L, PLM, Sales Growth