My Leadership Story

From the time I played childhood organized sports to my current global executive leadership role, I have learned about leadership within an organizational community through challenging the status quo. I am a product development engineer by training, where my DNA comes from my deep PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) roots. Learn fast and fail quickly. I have been successful in turning around organizations over the past decade by being the key change agent who inspires with a growth vision through times of uncertainty. In a turnaround I teach the team to “Learn Fast” by openly defining the structural issues and change the behaviors through simplifying the processes that are broke. I’ve learned the best way to effectively manage the cost structure of a business is by teaching the organization the financial levers that allow the business to make profit. To be a successful and effective leader today we must leverage our past experiences, teach our employees, empower the organization with accountability and trust, and create an entrepreneurial approach to the business growth. Within this blog I share my leadership stories, and encourage you to provide your stories so that we all continue to learn together.


A TrepExec

Advancements in technology have created a very flexible and dynamic organizational environment for today's executive. This has created a flow of real time information from anywhere around the globe, demanding faster execution of product innovation. Executive leaders must adapt to these challenges and re-create themselves. A TrepExec understands that social media and the convergence of global economies have created a smaller world with a much more competitive marketplace within our industries. A TrepExec is a business leader who understand the need for the entrepreneurial tools to enable them to move fast, learn fast, and deliver value to the launch customers with a focus on global scalability. The fun part of this journey will be for all of us to learn together through this blog, and define what a true TrepExec will have to achieve to be successful.

Leadership Philosophy 

The following core beliefs influence my leadership behaviors:

  • The People's Voice - Work for the number one asset, the employees. Listen to their messages.
  • Transparent Leader - Successful performance is driven by open communications.
  • Entrepreneurial Leadership - Encourgage risk taking, explore new ideas, and continue the thinking of new ways to do what we are doing today.
  • Inspire with Vision - Continuous communications of the end state that illustrates what it takes to achieve business growth.
  • Operational Excellence - Articulate strategy into measurable objectives and remove roadblocks to success.
  • Organizational Energy - Provide the energy source for the organization, which creates an environment to be successful and fail together.

My Personal Bio

I have 20+ years of experience working in many capacities from engineering, product management, mid-level management to executive leadership. High Tech industries are the areas where I focused my career path, and is where I deliver value to the organization. I had spent the early part of my career developing products that operate within the communications and railroad/transit signaling industries. SDLC (System Development Lifecycle) and data driven control and monitoring systems played a huge part of my technical career. 

My leadership career started after I received my MBA from the Katz School of Business at the University of Pittsburgh. Product Management roles allowed me to leverage my technical background while growing sales and managing the P&L of the product lines. Throughout this period I was able to gain global experiences in launching new products into global markets, and facing the challenges of new competition. Full PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) plays a big role in a company's profitability from idea concepts to obsolescence. I have spent a large portion of my career managing each aspect of the lifecycle while learning the organizational behaviors of change.

Global executive leadership has been my biggest focus over the past decade, and is an area where I have utilized concepts of the TrepExec to deliver major turnarounds within the business. I have built and empowered with full accountability strong teams that have changed the way the organizations were operating to deliver productivity without sacrificing new innovation. In fact my belief is that innovation and new thinking is a critical part of any turnaround. I have successfully right-sized businesses and have mentored other leaders to work through their pitfalls. I enjoy developing a measurable strategic plan with a team that motivates large organizations with an inspiring vision.

I have challenged my self to give back to the community and help grow the ecosystems. I am currently helping the Space Coast of Central Florida to grow an Entrepreneur Ecosystem by developing and teaching the community to build startups. I am also helping the Technology Ecosystem by co-founding the Space Coast Tech Council. Building networks and leveraging strong relationships to help mentor the global communities that I am involved in is a big part of my TrepExec learning. I sit on numerous boards and councils, such as FIT (Florida Institute of Technology) School of Business Advisory Board, TrepHub Board of Directors, EDC of Florida's Space Coast Innovation Council. 

I am supported by my devoted and dedicated wife Amy and three beautiful and striving children Alyson, Keegan and Ava.